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International results

Corrodi/Kucharczyk lead WDSF ranking

Davide Corrodi/Maja Kucharczyk provided another explosion at their last international start of the year; at the WDSF Open in Zagreb they reached the top in the ten-dance category.

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Words of the President

Dear STSV family, dear friends of dance sport After we thought we had overcome the worst at the end of last year, at the end of February we were hit with a

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SM Ten Dance - Victory of the Favourites

Davide Corrodi/Maja Kucharczyk won their already fifth Swiss ten-dance championship title in Geneva-Vernier. This year's World Championship semi-finalists from the Tanzsportclub Zug decided all ten dances in their favour and

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Galuppo/Pacini Standard World Champions for the first time

Francesco Galuppo and Debora Pacini were proclaimed Standard World Champions for the first time in front of their home crowd in Rimini on Sunday evening. In front of more than 1000 frenetic tifosi, the Italians relegated the Lithuanian title holders Sodeika/Zukauskaite to the place of honour by a hair's breadth thanks to their attacking dance style.

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Swiss Championship Ten Dance in Geneva

The city of Geneva will become the meeting point of the Swiss dance scene on Saturday 10 December. The Geneva Dance Cup will also feature the Swiss Ten Dance Championship, where the most versatile dance couples will once again be able to reach for gold, silver and bronze.

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STSV Strategy Weekend in Liestal

How should the strategic priorities of the STSV be adapted and supplemented in 2023? Where do which measures need to be taken? How can the many tasks be distributed on different shoulders, does the STSV board want to strengthen its personnel? 

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Dancers and dancers

STSV Dance Couples

Latest international results:

Please check results, report corrections // 3* = 3rd round, 1 round with star // 1R/Final = direct final
Existing (marked red = latecomers or corrections)

Update per 17.1.2023CountryRankCouplesRound
14/15.01.2023 Mantova, ItalyUniversal Championships 2023
Star Cup, Standard, Over 35 Beat Künzi - Barbara Kaufmann6.575Final
Pirmin Kistler - Miriam Lenherr27.572
Star Cup, Standard, Over 45 Pirmin Kistler - Miriam Lenherr48.902
Star Cup, Standard, Over 55 Juerg Briner - Katharina Egli8.965(**)Semi
Star Cup, Latin, Over 35 Pirmin Kistler - Miriam Lenherr6.132Final
Star Cup, Latin, Over 45 Pirmin Kistler - Miriam Lenherr9.131
Star Cup, Latin, Sen II BPirmin Kistler - Miriam Lenherr2.31
Star Cup, Standard, Sen II BPirmin Kistler - Miriam Lenherr7.121
Star Cup, Standard, Adult Beat Künzi - Barbara Kaufmann62.1963
Juerg Briner - Katharina Egli80-94 (w.o.)1963
Star Cup, Standard, Juv II BMihail Novikov & Taisiia Vasileva1.142Final
Star Cup, Latin, Juv II BMihail Novikov & Taisiia Vasileva1.213Final
Star Cup, Standard, Under 16 Mihail Novikov & Taisiia Vasileva25.392
Star Cup, Latin, Under 16 Mihail Novikov & Taisiia Vasileva28.693
15.1.2023 Cartagena, SpainSPANISH OPEN 2023
WDSF Open, Standard, Sen IV Beat Schmid - Monika Schmid15.272
Kurt Rechsteiner - Heide-Maria Schaefer17.272
14.1.2023 Cartagena, SpainSPANISH OPEN 2023
WDSF European Championship, Standard, Sen IV Roberto Furlan - Daniela Sattin1.434Final
Michael Pauser - Claudia Molecz2.434Final
Olivier Gastaldi - Muriel Haegel Gastaldi3.434Final
Beat Schmid - Monika Schmid23.432
Kurt Rechsteiner - Heide-Maria Schaefer24.432
7.1.2023 Cossirano di Trenzano (BS), ItalyTrofeo Deluxe 2023
WDSF Open, Standard, Sen II Helge Uhrig - Desiree Hilbring10.142Semi
WDSF Open, Standard, Sen IV Kurt Rechsteiner - Heide-Maria Schaefer12.353Semi



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