As is well known, the STSV board decided to forego foreign judges on the occasion of the Swiss dance championships due to the uncertain travel situation in Europe as a result of the Covid19 pandemic. 15 judges with a Swiss license responded to the call and will be available for the coming weekend. We are pleased that the tournament director Brigitte Stäldi now has the following licensed persons available: Mariano Antoniello, Sandra Baumann, Jean-Luc Budry, Birgit Helbling, Daniel Helbling, Goran Jankovic, Peter Kerner, Anna Oster, Bradley Rathbone, Rolf Rüetschi, Erich Stäldi, Svetlana Verbytska, Alain von Allmen (on duty on both days), Nina Ninnemann, Michal Vajcik (on duty only on Saturday). The composition of the panels – two each for the afternoon and two for the evening – will be drawn by lot and made transparent on the day of the tournament.