The Ordinary Delegates Meeting of the Swiss Dance Sport Federation took place in digital form on 27 March 2021. Delegates from 11 STSV clubs – corresponding to a voting power of 86.8% of the federation – attended the Zoom meeting. They discussed and approved the mission statement, agreed to an adjustment of the regulations and were informed about the concrete projects presented by the board around President Walter Vogt. All proposals of the annual programme 2021/22 and the budget 2021 were approved. The first fields of action with regard to the “Vision 2030” can now be officially launched.

In 2020, interested members had been welcomed to discuss the direction of the association and prioritise the focus. From this, the STSV board had derived the STSV mission statement and guiding principles at the end of last year, which were now officially adopted at the DV. The various measures were grouped into a total of three projects with a total of eleven modules for the annual planning 2021/2022.

Project PHOENIX – We increase sporting success!

We build the basis necessary for a successful top level and develop the squad couples further. For this purpose, we plan and create the appropriate procedures and tools to promote sporting success. The four modules:
– “Youth+Sport in STSV”: promotion of grassroots sport, training for coaches at the children’s and youth level, entry into coaching practice.
– “STSV Squad Programme 2021”: Training measures that build on the youth development concept. Ongoing further development so that it meets Swiss Olympic specifications.
– STSV FTEM”: The path from talent to master is based on the requirements of Swiss Olympic and is intended to lead young couples to the advanced world elite – transparently and comprehensibly.
– “STSV Academy II”: Training for junior coaches in competitive sports, designed as a continuation of the Y+S coach training.

Project APOLLO – We are revitalising the tournament scene!

With a sustainable basis, we support the targeted growth. To this end, we are making the necessary adjustments to the regulations, designing new forms of tournaments, creating supporting aids and services for tournaments and training officials.
– STSV Tournament Box”: From July, the STSV will have a tournament box with technical and administrative aids available to organisers of dance sport tournaments.
– “STSV Dispo”: Thanks to a digital programme, the adjudicators will be distributed among the STSV tournaments in such a way that in future the performance of a tournament couple will be assessed by a maximum number of different persons, which should ensure more objectivity.
– “STSV Academy”: Since the STSV is expecting more dance sport tournaments, new tournament directors are to be trained. At least two tournament directors shall be available in each region.
– “STSV Tournament Organisation”: Organisers of large tournaments, namely Swiss Championships, should benefit from the structured support of the association.

Project CONNECT – We experience our cohesion!

Dancing is made visible and kept visible as a sport in the public. We base this on our mission statement, our guiding principles and our identity. We use a media team, strengthen the presence of clubs as well as athletes and use the potential of volunteer work.
– “STSV Media Team”: A team of five improves internal and external communication, ensures a better presentation and perception of Swiss dance sport.
– “STSV Dancesport Night”: On 19 June, the Swiss dance sport family meets for a social happening at the Haus des Sports in Ittigen near Bern. The national squad as host. This event is to be held annually in the summer.
– STSV Volunteers”: We record the potential of volunteers, have a volunteer database and thus support organisers.