To promote dance sport throughout Switzerland, more dance tournaments should be held in the future. Today, however, smaller clubs in particular do not have the necessary infrastructure.

The STSV board has therefore decided to provide its clubs with a so-called tournament box with the most important equipment for the referee, the dancing couples and the adjudicators.

The tournament box consists of the following elements:

  • Laptop with current adjudication software (TopTurnier) / printer / router.
  • Necessary office material for the adjudicator
  • Folder with checklists and the current regulations (tournament regulations, dress code, tournament director regulations, adjudicator regulations etc.)
  • Judges’ digis for recording the scores (max. 15) with charging station
  • Emergency material in case of IT failure (writing material for the adjudicator, writing material, paper)
  • Start numbers 1-100 made of cloth

Enquiries regarding the loan of the tournament box should be addressed to:

Brigitte Stäldi, Head of Sports Organisation,