July 2021: Corona – this currently applies to dance sport in the STSV

The federal government has greatly relaxed the regulations related to COVID-19 as of 29 June 2021, allowing STSV dance athletes to almost return to normality. Indoor dancing is allowed again for all. Conditions are the collection of all contact data, effectively ventilated rooms and still a protection concept.

July 2021: Corona – this currently applies to dance sport in the STSV (for practice in Switzerland, abroad the local regulations must be followed).

  • All dance couples – competitive, youth and popular – train in principle without restrictions and are allowed to participate in competitions again.
  • Those who dance no longer have to wear a mask. Those who do not dance and cannot keep the distance of 1.5m to other persons, however, wear a mask.
  • All contact details must be collected at training sessions and competitions.
  • The rooms must be ventilated regularly.
  • For dance sport tournaments with up to 1,000 persons, participants and spectators do not need a Covid certificate. The organiser shall ensure that only 2/3 of the capacity is used and that 80% of the spectators comply with the obligation to sit and the obligation to wear masks, unless the distance of 1.5m is guaranteed.
  • For dance sport tournaments with more than 1,000 people, participants and spectators need a valid Covid certificate for access. In this case, the above-mentioned restrictions do not apply for the most part.
  • Cantonal regulations can override the national regulations and must be checked independently by the clubs and organisers.
  • All organisers have a cantonally approved Covid protection concept for tournaments.
  • All clubs have a covid protection concept for training and a covid officer.
  • The STSV board is available to answer questions from club officers.

Furthermore, the following applies to all dancers

  • Only enter training or competitions symptom-free.
  • Adhere to the BAG hygiene rules.
  • Air the training rooms regularly
  • Wear a mask when not dancing
  • Respect the distance between each other

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