November 5, 2020: Corona – this applies to dance sport in the STSV

The second wave of Covid 19 infections hit Switzerland in full in October. After the daily number of infections rose significantly across the country, the Federal Council communicated measures on October 28th that are valid in all cantons.
Sport has been hit hard by these measures – including dance.

The STSV regrets this development, but wants to actively do its part to reduce contacts between people – as the Federal Council strives in principle. In summary, the following applies to dance sport:
– Young people up to the age of 16 can continue to train.
– Members of the STSV national and junior squad can continue to train.
– All other dancers fall under the term «mass sport», who are only allowed to train with severe restrictions (including no direct body contact).
The STSV recommends all amateur athletes to temporarily use alternative, individual forms of training in November.

HERE you can read what the Federal Office for Sport (BASPO) communicated on October 28th.

Who is still allowed to dance without body-contact?

  • Youngsters up to their 16th birthday (no competitions)
  • Competitive athlete
  • Members of the national team of the STSV
  • Members of the STSV junior squad
  • Swiss champions in all senior categories
  • Dance couples who live in the same household (mask requirement, see general requirements)

Who is only allowed to dance without contact (solo)?

  • Other dance athletes over the age of 16 who do not meet the above criteria are allowed to train under the following premises:
    • No direct contact between dancers
    • Mask requirement (see general requirements)

These general guidelines still apply:

  • Symptom-free for training or competitions
  • Compliance with the BAG hygiene rules
  • Group size per separable room maximum 15 people (including trainers and waiting people / spectators)
  • Keep your distance (10sqm training area per person, 1.5m distance)
  • Are exempt from the mask requirement
  • Youngsters up to their 16th birthday
  • Competitive athlete
  • Other dance athletes and couples, provided that per dance athlete or Couple an area of ​​15 square meters and a distance of 1.5 between the couples can be guaranteed.
  • Presence lists (for tracking contacts)
  • Each club follows the general guidelines and has a protection concept adapted to the changes (see template below)
  • Protection concepts are examined by the cantonal authorities at the request of the clubs
  • Designation of those responsible for the implementation of the protection concepts
  • Each club regulates the availability of training rooms directly with its landlords (school / community)
  • Regular ventilation of the training rooms
  • Appropriate cleaning of the training aids and equipment used

If the cantonal authorities or the landlord issue further restrictions, these are authoritative.

The STSV recommends all athletes to temporarily forego the usual dance training in November and to choose alternative forms.

Standard concept of training operation (German):