March 2021: Corona – this applies to the dance sport in the STSV.

As of 1 March 2021, the Federal Council will introduce the first relaxation of protective measures in connection with Covid 19 infections. In dance sport, however, only adolescents and young adults born in 2001 or later will benefit from this. These dance couples may resume training without restrictions, taking into account the known protective measures. Competitions without spectators are also permitted.
For amateur sports, training is still prohibited, while competitive athletes with the corresponding Swiss Olympic Cards and members of the national squads are still allowed to train. Associations, clubs and dance schools are not allowed to provide their club members with the infrastructure for training.


Based on the instructions of the Federal Council, Swiss Olympic has defined the following decision criteria for the approval of exceptions:

  • Is the dancing couple at least born in 2001 – or younger?
  • Is the couple in possession of a Swiss Olympic card national squad/elite squad or junior squad?
  • Is the couple regularly selected by the federation to participate in international competitions in their category (competitive sport pathway)?

If none of these three questions can be answered with a clear yes, no exceptions can be granted.

Swiss Olympic also writes to the federations: “We would like to ask you to take not only a short-term perspective, but also a medium- and long-term one. In this pandemic, sport is receiving a great deal of support from the authorities and those responsible, both financially and in terms of ideas. We want to preserve this goodwill and not put it at risk. Sport also bears a great responsibility in dealing with the pandemic!”

The STSV board is willing to share this attitude in solidarity. Everyone is called upon to behave in an exemplary manner.

HERE you can read what Swiss Olympic has communicated.

Who is still allowed to dance without body-contact?

Who is still allowed to dance with contact?

  • Young adults or teenagers born 2001 or younger (training and competitions allowed)
  • Competitive athletes
    • Members of the national squad of the STSV
    • Members of the junior squad of the STSV
    • Swiss champions of all senior categories

This is what the above mentioned dancers have to ensure:

  • Symptom-free to training or competition
  • Adherence to the BAG hygiene rules
  • Group size per separable room maximum 15 persons (incl. trainer)
  • Keep distance (10qm training area per person, 1,5m distance)
  • Exempted from mask obligation during dance training
  • Presence lists (for tracing contacts)
  • Each club follows the overall framework, has a protection concept adapted to the changes (see template below)
  • Protection concepts are checked by the cantonal authorities at the request of the clubs
  • Designation of the persons responsible for the implementation of the protection concepts
  • The availability of training rooms is regulated by each club directly with its landlords (school/municipality).
  • Regular airing of the training rooms
  • Cleaning of the training aids and equipment used as required

If the cantonal authorities or the landlords impose further restrictions, these are authoritative.

The first contact person for questions is the respective Covid representative of the clubs.

The STSV board is available to answer questions from club managers.

Standard concept of training operation (German):