April 2021: Corona – this currently applies to dance sport in the STSV

  • As of 19 April 2021, sports courses with up to 15 persons may be held indoors – if there is sufficient space available.
  • For each person present, 10 m2 must be available; for rooms up to 30 m2 , 6 m2 per person are sufficient.
  • All persons present must wear a mask and keep a distance of 1.5 metres.
  • If the sport cannot be practised with a mask, the following minimum areas per person apply: 15 m2 for sports on the pitch and at least 25 m2 for all other sports.
  • Groups of people, such as family members or couples living in the same household, are exempt from the distance requirements.
  • Couples who are in a stable relationship and regularly share their household are treated equally to couples living in the same household.
  • There is currently no general relief for vaccinated couples.
  • Dancing couples are considered as two persons for the room requirement.

The following is possible
Private lessons, group training, free training

  • Solo with mask (10 m2 per person) and without mask (15 – 25 m2 per person)
  • In pairs for couples living in the same household with mask (20 m2 per couple) and without mask (30 – 50 m2 per couple)

The following persons or couples are exempt from the requirements regarding distance and mask wearing. In addition to training, these persons/couples are also allowed to compete without spectators.

  • Young adults or youths born 2001 or younger
  • Competitive athletes
    – Members of the STSV national squad
    – Members of the STSV junior squad
    – Swiss champions of all senior categories

for all dancers:

  • Only go to training or competitions free of symptoms
  • Observe the BAG hygiene rules
  • Respect the group size per room (incl. coaches)
  • Air the training rooms regularly
  • Wear a mask when not dancing
  • Respect the distance between each other


  • Have a protection concept adapted to the current guidelines
  • Comply with cantonal regulations
  • regulate access to the training rooms with their landlords (school/community)
  • Keep attendance lists of the training sessions
  • Designate the person(s) responsible for implementing their protection concept
  • Ensure that the training aids and equipment used are cleaned as required

If the cantonal authorities or landlords impose further restrictions, these shall apply.
The first point of contact for questions is the respective Covid officer of the clubs.
The STSV board is available to answer questions from club managers.

In this pandemic, the sport is receiving a lot of support from the authorities and those responsible, both financially and ideally. We want to maintain this goodwill.

We therefore show that we are aware of our responsibility and behave in an exemplary manner.

Standard concept of training operation (German):