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Corrodi/Kucharczyk - first time Latin gold

Davide Corrodi/Maja Kucharczyk secured their first gold medal at a Swiss Latin Championship. The favoured pair from TSC Zug relegated the TTZ challengers Dominik Zimmermann/Mae Lilia Hoffmeister and Tristan Geiger/Catherine Pisarenko to the places of honour in commanding fashion. A total of six titles were awarded at the Trafo Cup in Baden, which went to five different clubs.

Before the last block started with the last finals, the STSV honoured the retired Pitt and Tiara Wibawa, who won the Latin title for the first time last year after four second places. In moving words, the likeable brother and sister said goodbye and then followed the competition of their former competitors.

Corrodi/Kucharczyk, strengthened by their semi-final participation in the World Ten Dance Championships, came onto the dance floor as big favourites and did not show any weakness. Expressive and technically convincing, they gave an almost flawless performance. Only in the Paso Doble did they lose to second-placed Zimmermann/Hoffmeister. In the four other dances, the international judges saw them in the lead.

TTZ with strong team performance
The TTZ shone as a team. Behind Zimmermann/Hoffmeister, Geiger/Pisarenko and Granwehr/Lesniak placed 3rd and 4th. For their part, the "old stars" David Büchel/Flavio Landolfi (TDSC) were able to keep Luca Baptiste Ruef/Julia Amato (TSCZ/TGS) at bay.
The TTZ also won two gold medals. In the Juniors, Henri Arpad Hoffmeister repeated his last year's victory in a fascinating final, this time alongside Marianna Panchenko from Ukraine. Felix Locher/Silvia Nater were the best pairing in the Seniors I.
The TSC Lucerne has also been one of the most diligent medal collectors in the seniors' competition in recent years. Once again, there was no way around Flavio Lodigiani and Patricia Patt in the Seniors II competition. Behind them, Sudholt/Sudholt (DUZ) and Peter/Zürcher took the places of honour - exactly the same as last year.

Upswing among the pupils
There was a very impressive field of starters in the pupils' class. 13 couples showed in the beginners' class that new life has arisen again in the junior area after the pandemic. An upswing that was also supported by some dance couples with Ukrainian passports. In the end, Mihail Novikov/Polina Trehub (DUZ) showed themselves as the best children's pairing and won the pupils' title.
The fifth club to secure a title was Dance Club New Horizon from Pfäffikon/SZ. In the youth category, Alessandro Faraco/Charleen Leimer won for the first time.

Transformer Cup with Standard
The Swiss Latin Championships took place as part of the traditional Trafo Cup. The numerous standard categories at the start of the tournament day culminated with the final of the main category, where the current Swiss champions Volodymyr Kasilov/Yulia Dreier (DUZ) came out on top.

After a break of two years, but already for the 16th time, the Happy Dancers Baden invited to the Trafohalle, where dancers and spectators could find optimal conditions. The audience turned the dance hall into a madhouse at times, and the individual fan groups outdid each other with their chants and battle cries. We have life in the house again - that's fun!

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