Due to the measures decided by the Federal Council and the FOPH on 6 December, the following applies to training in SDSA clubs:

Compulsory certification

  • In all indoor rooms, persons over the age of 16 are subject to compulsory certification (3G).
  • The certificate obligation does not apply to employed/appointed trainers during their activity as employees/appointees. However, the client (club) may require a certificate.
  • The clubs are obliged to check the certificate.

Obligation to wear a mask

  • In indoor areas where more than one person is present, everyone is required to wear a mask, regardless of whether they are certified or not, except when they are actively engaged in sport.
  • Employees/assigned trainers without a certificate must wear a mask during their activity.


  • The previously existing exception for consistent groups of less than 30 persons has been abolished.
  • Attendance data must be recorded in the training sessions and reported at least weekly to the club’s Covid officer (contact tracing).
  • Clubs are free to introduce a 2G certificate requirement (vaccinated or recovered – those tested negative have no access) for all persons over the age of 16. The cantonal authorities determine whether or not they are exempt from the mask-wearing obligation.
  • A mixture of 2G and 3G rules is not permitted.
  • For the rest, the following still applies: wash your hands, keep your distance, ventilate rooms well.
  • The cantons may impose stricter measures.

SDSA Board