The STSV individualized the financial support of the STSV squad couples retrospectively as of January 1, 2020, as the board recently decided. Instead of the previous squad workshops, couples belonging to the national and junior squad will now benefit from a training contribution and also from competition bonus and ranking bonus. Latin and standard are paid separately. The basic training contribution, coupled with the requirement of a certain number of international starts, is a financial support for proven private lessons with recognized trainers. Competition premiums and ranking premiums should be a newly created incentive for Swiss dance couples to participate in more WDSF tournaments abroad. These premiums are paid out when prescribed results are achieved, so they are performance-related. The STSV thus rewards its top and young couples who regularly compete abroad and measure themselves against the international competition. Since significantly fewer WDSF competitions will be offered this year due to the pandemic, the Executive Board will adjust the number of mandatory tournaments for the 2020 competition year published in the new regulations at a later date. HERE you can find the corresponding regulations, the so-called Appendix 1 of the management regulations.