The canton of Zurich requires a verified mobile phone number from every guest for the tracing lists. Eventfrog as the service provider of the organizer offers this service in a simple, uncomplicated way. Nevertheless, many do not seem to be aware that the staff at the entrance have to turn away people who have not provided a verified cell phone number for their ticket.

How does the cell phone number have to be verified? Every guest has a personal ticket. The unique ticket number must be sent from your own mobile phone via SMS to the following number: 076 601 35 65 – then the number is stored as “verified” on the ticket.

Those who do not do this early on will have to do it on site. Due to the system, however, the number appears to be verified with a considerable delay. Please do this at least one day in advance to avoid a traffic jam at the box office.

People who have booked several tickets for a group must give this information to every guest. One number per group is definitely not enough.

It is also possible to buy a ticket at the box office. These tickets are also sold via “Eventfrog”, which is why admission is only possible in this case with a verified cell phone number. We therefore strongly recommend booking your tickets online in good time.

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