Jasmin Corrodi was officially bade farewell as the STSV’s outgoing youth+Sport training officer at the training conference in Magglingen this autumn. Andreas Steinegger, Head of Youth and Adult Sports Training at the Federal Office of Sport FOSPO, thanked the committed Y+S expert, lawyer and dance coach from Hausen am Albis for her services in the creation and implementation of the Y+S training pathway in Standard/Latin couple dance.

The STSV also joins in this thanks. Jasmin has developed the training and further education in Y+S sport at every level, from leader to expert and competitive sport, for the STSV, which until now had no training modules of its own, invited her to courses, led them and thus ultimately trained many new leaders and experts.

Nadia Wullschleger from the TTZ has been appointed as Jasmin Corrodi’s successor since this autumn. Together with Anita Rahmen, who replaced Herbert Waller as Y+S association coach, she ensures the continuation and further development of the Youth+Sport movement in the STSV.