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Sports Promotion Programme

Youth + Sport

Dance is one of the 75 sports supported and promoted by Y+S (10-20 year olds) and children's sports (5-10 year olds). This includes all couple dances except rock'n'roll (acrobatics). The Y+S courses offered by the association, club or dance school are arranged by the Y+S leader. He/she is supported administratively by a Y+S coach.

The future Y+S leaders acquire the know-how for this demanding activity in the basic leader course. The aim of the one-week leader course is to teach the leaders the basics of how to plan and conduct youth-oriented lessons in a targeted, interesting and varied way. After this basic training, numerous further training modules are available to the Y+S leaders.

Youth and Sport "Dance Sport

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Responsible for training: Nadia Wullschleger

Association coach:
Anita Frame-Bigler

Nadia Wullschleger - our training officer

Nadia Wullschleger convinces with her large backpack of experience in children's and youth sports. In addition to being a couples dance teacher with a federal certificate, she is also a swissdance certified children's dance teacher. At the Dancers dance school in Wallisellen, she teaches five children's groups aged 5 to 20 as a J+S children's sports and youth sports expert every week and takes on the task of J+S coach for the dance school.

Since childhood, Nadia has loved music and movement. She played the piano and saxophone and trained in floor acrobatics, with which she performed on various stages and in circus tents at home and abroad. When she attended a dance class for the first time at the age of 20, she was so enthusiastic that she soon assisted several dance teachers. Nadia Wullschleger's main job is as a secondary school teacher and she is also a practical teacher.

Training Manager

Leader Recognition for Dance Coaches and Dance Sport Coaches

You can obtain the Y+S leader recognition for dance sport for dance teachers swiss dance and dance sport coaches TTVS by attending the module "Introduction to Y+S for dance teachers" (2 days).

Y+S offers you financial support for all your registered youth activities.

Leader training dance sport

As a J+S leader, you (active or former competitive dancer or passionate hobby dancer) have the opportunity to inspire young beginners in your club to take up dancing in courses that are financially supported by Youth and Sport.

Dance sport needs young people. It's great if you contribute to this. You can do this as a J+S leader in dance sport. We need committed leaders so that our sport does not wither away!

Jugend+Sport (Y+S) is a large organisation of the Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO) based at the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport (EHSM) in Magglingen above Biel.

The EHSM is well equipped with well-equipped classrooms, extensive sports facilities, media library and a comfortable hotel. The location is beautifully situated above Lake Biel and very easy to reach by public transport.

Aims and principles of Y+S
  • Y+S aims to promote youth sports (10 to 20 year olds) and children's sports (5 to 10 year olds) in the club and supports numerous sports, including dance sports
  • The club's youth sports programme is supported by the Y+S leaders and the Y+S coach. The leaders organise the group lessons, while the coach acts as an administrative and supportive link between the club/leader and the Y+S office.
  • The future Y+S leaders get their know-how for the demanding job of training young people in the leader course. The aim of the leader course is to teach the basics of planning and carrying out youth-oriented lessons in an interesting and varied way. After the leader course, the leader can choose from a wide range of further training modules.
Leadership course
  • As a numerically small sport, dance sport runs only one leader course per year
  • You will experience intensive and interesting days, and in this relatively short time you will be able to pack in many new experiences and knowledge.
Theme programme
  • Aims, structures and services of Y+S
  • Head function and requirement profile
  • Developmental stages of children and young people and basic learning principles
  • Organisational forms of teaching
  • Learning levels, objectives and methods
  • Lesson and season planning
  • Different game forms and variations Latin/Standard
  • Analysis of the rhythmic and melodic structure of the music
  • Planning and evaluation of lessons, courses and camps
Admission requirements
  • Age: from 18 years (calendar year)
  • Nationality: CH, FL and foreigners with settlement or residence permit
  • Knowledge: Knowledge of the sport from own experience
  • Activity: Willingness to work as a leader on a regular basis
  • Recommendation: By the Y+S coach of the club or association.
Registration details
  • Residential address
  • Telephone and mobile number
  • Mail address
  • AHV number
  • Date of birth
Y+S 2022 - new expert and leaders

Silvia Nater and Sandra Schmitz successfully completed the Youth+Sport Leader Course in the sport of "Dancing Standard/Latin" in Magglingen, which was run by Nadia Wullschleger.


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