Mission Statement 2020

We are the professional association for the dance sport in the disciplines Standard and Latin in Switzerland.  As a member of the WDSF and the SDSF we act according to the principles and guidelines of Swiss Olympic. Our members are Swiss dance sport clubs who identify with and support our goals.

We understand dance sport as performance-oriented dancing in competitions in which the athletes effectively combine the elements of technique, physical performance, mental strength and emotionality.

We support our clubs and their athletes in the practice of the sport and its local development. We are committed to the development of all age categories.

We work together with (sports) organisations, institutions, clubs and dance schools to publicise and strengthen the sport of dance. We are open to developments and new trends in dance sport.

We align our actions with the Ethical Charter of Swiss Sport and disseminate its principles in our association.

We perceive the linguistic and cultural differences of the regions as enrichment and strengthen the perception and reputation of dance sport in a broad public.

We cultivate appreciative cooperation with all our partners, within and outside our federation. We pursue an open and active communication and media work.

We pay attention to a solid financial situation and the securing of long-term income as a basis for our work.

We value and appreciate voluntary commitment in our organisation.

We are politically, denominationally and in sexual orientation neutral.

  1. Our sport
    1. We contribute to the development and trends in dance sport.
    2. We are committed to actively promoting dancing in school sports.
    3. We stand up for the goal of “Dancing for All”.
  2. Our athletes
    1. We support our athletes in their development.
    2. We create a transparent support system for the couples.
    3. We reward the top performances of our male and female athletes with a transparent support system.
    4. We develop both popular and competitive sport.
  3. Our competitions
    1. We develop innovative tournament formats.
    2. We encourage clubs to organise competitions and support them in their implementation.
    3. We create framework conditions that make the tournament system comprehensible and attractive for the athletes.
    4. We make it easier for interested parties to enter the world of tournaments.
    5. We use highly qualified and well-trained national and international judges for our competitions.
  4. Our ethics
    1. We are committed to a healthy, respectful, fair and successful sport.
    2. We practice our sport according to the principles of the Ethical Charter of Swiss Sport.
    3. We enable voluntary work at all levels through targeted measures, broad support and due recognition.
  5. Our education and training
    1. We are leaders in training and further education in Swiss dance sport in the disciplines Standard and Latin.
    2. We design and support competent, targeted and modern training and further education for all target groups in dance sport.
    3. We influence the dance education of gymnastics and sports teachers and support them in their professional practice at public and public schools.
  6. Our services
    1. We develop services that support our member clubs and their members in the practice of the sport and its broad development.
    2. We provide easy access to the services we offer.
    3. We create a high value for the contribution of our members with our services.
  7. Our finances
    1. We record and manage the current and future financial needs of our association through financial planning.
    2. We use – in addition to membership fees and public/private grants – financial sources such as sponsorship, crowd funding, association events and competitions as opportunities to raise funds.
    3. We present the origin of funds and their use in a transparent manner.
    4. We have appropriate auditing and control mechanisms in place to ensure that funds are handled carefully.
  8. Our marketing/communication
    1. We are present in the media and the public with our services and products.
    2. We maintain active and productive public and media relations.
    3. We create transparency and acceptance for our concerns and activities within the association and among the public.
  9. Our leadership and cooperation
    1. We work closely with member associations and promote democratic participation rights.
    2. We value the potential inherent in Switzerland’s linguistic and cultural diversity.
    3. We cooperate with domestic and foreign partners (authorities, associations and companies) for promotion and publicity.
    4. We develop and maintain our comradely community.