Swiss dance sport has new tournament regulations since January 1, 2020.

Here is a summary of the 10 most important changes:

  • The D-Class with 3 dances (CCC, RUM, JIV / EW, TAN, QUI) replaces the K-Class.
  • Same-sex couples are allowed for juveniles and juniors.
  • An annual ranking is kept for all age categories and disciplines.
  • There are no compulsory tournaments and therefore no involuntary descent.
  • The couples of the age categories Senior II-IV decide at the time of the license order in which class they want to start. As before, the rest of the couples require placement for ascent.
  • The number of placements required to advance to the next higher class can be adjusted annually by the STSV board.
  • Double rankings are awarded at STSV tournaments, four times at Swiss Championships Latin and Standard. Tournaments abroad count once.
  • STSV couples are allowed to start in “foreign” tournaments. Participation in international championships at a foreign association (e.g. WDC) can have consequences.
  • For STSV tournaments there is a registration period of 14 days. The organizer can admit couples reporting later, but may charge 150% of the entry fee.
  • The entry fee for a starting class is CHF 30, for several CHF 40.