Different officials work for the STSV in different functions.

Board Members

The members of the Executive Committee shall be elected by the Assembly of Delegates every second year.

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The judges have completed training and attend the regular continuing education courses to ensure their licence retention.

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Competition chairs:

Each STSV tournament is run by a team consisting of two competition chairs with special training.

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Youth and Sport:

J+S Education: Nadia Wullschleger, 079 741 92 87, n.wullschleger(at)hispeed.ch
J+S Association coach: Anita Rahmen-Bigler, 079 654 57 64, ae.rahmen(at)bluewin.ch

Association doctor: Dr. Daniel Wüst

The tasks of the association doctor are:

  • Medical emergency care of the couples at major Swiss tournaments
  • Contact person for the national squad
  • Contact person for questions in the area of doping
  • Contact point in case of medical necessity
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The Media Team consists of: Martin Zinser, Reini Egli, Claude Pribitzer, Philipp Hofstetter, Vera Bruderer

Contact: media(at)dancesport.ch


Vera Bruderer created the homepage on behalf of the STSV and continues to maintain it with the support of Claude Pribitzer.
Contact: vera.l.bruderer(at)gmail.com

Social Media:

The Instagram platform is maintained by Philipp Hofstetter. Suggestions and raw material (pictures, videos) can be sent to him via the following email address: socialmedia(at)dancesport.ch

Parquet technology:

Storage, transport, equipment: Adriano Ciabuschi, 079 412 51 99