The preparatory work for the Swiss Dance Championships from 3./4. October 2020 are in full swing. The Turnier-Tanzsportklub Zurich (TTZ) is still on course on behalf of the Swiss Dance Association STSV and will present a worthy national championship in the multi-purpose hall Wallisellen. As is well known, the Covid19 pandemic presents us with new challenges this year, which all organizers of sports events have to face. In addition to the protection concepts approved by the Canton of Zurich, other aspects also have to be completely reassessed at the SM. This also includes the nomination of the juging panel, which is the responsibility of the STSV and is usually composed of foreign experts with a WDSF license. The STSV board monitors the international development of the number of infections and takes note of the measures taken by Switzerland and other countries with great attention. Of the nine invited judges from nine different European countries, only four people would be available three weeks before the SM. Some come from countries that, according to the current BAG list, would first have to be in quarantine after entry, while others were threatened with quarantine after their return from Switzerland.

Since the development cannot be assessed until the beginning of October, the board decided at its meeting on September 12th to remove all foreign judges. All 24 licensed Swiss nationals with a valid STSV or WDSF license received an urgent appeal as to whether they are available and can be used on this first October weekend. 11 Swiss judges should be used in every SM competition. If more than 11 Swiss judges are available, they will be drawn into the various categories on the day of the competition by drawing lots. It is ensured in advance that restrictions regarding conflicts of interest are taken into account.

Special times require special solutions. The board is convinced that this measure ensures the implementation of the Swiss championships on the one hand and, due to the transparency of this special solution, on the other hand also corresponds to the idea of ​​fair play.