On 5 June 2021, the revised tournament regulations came into force, which had previously gone through the consultation process with the clubs without any objections. Here are the most important changes compared to the old version:

  • Non-licensed couples can participate in up to three STSV tournaments before they have to buy a licence. Placings obtained at these tournaments will be carried over after licensing.
  • Same-sex couples can compete in the children age categories of juveniles, juniors and now also youth.
  • Those who wish to participate in a WDSF tournament must be in possession of a valid STSV licence for this purpose.
  • The tournament management may, if necessary, combine age categories in the starting classes D and C, e.g. juveniles with juniors, HK with seniors. A ranking list divided according to age categories will be drawn up, which will be taken into account for qualification to continue dancing in the next higher class.
  • In case of very small starting fields, the tournament management may also combine adjacent age categories of the B-S pyramids. Separate ranking lists will also be drawn up in this case.
  • An annual ranking list will be drawn up for the couples in the D-S classes of all age categories. In the new tournament regulations, it is more clearly defined how the allocation of ranking points is done.
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