Showdance has not yet established itself in the ranks of the STSV, although it is extremely attractive. Showdance is – as the name suggests – a discipline that is committed to the show, but is still clearly defined in the regulations. The WDSF annually holds World and European championships in showdance Latin and Standard. In 2019, our Swiss couple Davide Corrodi / Maja Kucharczyk happily reached the World Cup final in Latin with their Lion King performance in Moscow. Now the WDSF has scheduled the European Show Dance Championships on October 9th in Karlovy, Czech Republic. Two couples from each regional association may participate in each discipline. Since there have been no national show dance championships in Switzerland to date and the STSV therefore has no basis for nomination, interested couples who have mastered a WDSF-compliant show may contact Walter Vogt at the STSV office until the end of August.