Swiss championship

Latin 2023



18 November 2023,
Felben-Wellhausen TG

Swiss championships Latin 2023

A warm welcome

"The Teen Dance Club Frauenfeld celebrates its 18th birthday this year. We are coming of age. Together with the Swiss Dance Sport Federation STSV, we welcome the best national dance couples, the nominated tournament management and jury, the guests of honour, our dedicated sponsors as well as the audience to an unforgettable competition day in the Heuberghalle in Felben-Wellhausen in the canton of Thurgau."
Carmen Huber, President TDC Frauenfeld

"The Swiss Dance Sport Federation STSV is pleased that the TDC Frauenfeld combines the joy of reaching its "full age" with the organisation of the Swiss Latin Championship. The club members of the TDC have already proven several times in recent years that they are able to plan and organise both national title competitions and an international world ranking tournament at a high level. The STSV, as the commissioner of this championship, is therefore convinced that both the dancers and the spectators will once again find the best conditions. We wish everyone much enjoyment and success."
Walter Vogt, President STSV


Passion, energy and emotion

Every year, the Swiss Latin Championships are a spectacle full of passion, energy and emotion. Here the titles are awarded in all age groups. The spectrum ranges from pupils to seniors. The highlight, as always, is the final of the main category.

Let's look back one year... The grand finale took place in Baden.


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Daily programme: Thurgau Dance Cup and SM qualification
9:00 a.m.Door opening and dancing in
10:00 hStdPupilsDFinalTDC
10:10 hStdJuniorsDPreliminary roundTDC
10:25 a.m.LatSoloHobbySighting roundTDC
10:35 hStdHK / Seniors III + IVDFinalTDC
10:45 a.m.StdJuniorsDFinalTDC
10:55 a.m.LatSoloHobbyA + B FinalTDC
11:10 hAward ceremonies
10:30 hDancing in
11:40 hStdJuniorsCFinalTDC
11:55 hStdPupilsCFinalTDC
12:10StdSeniors III + IVC-SFinalTDC
12:25 pmLatHK / Seniors IIDFinalQ-SM
12:35LatSoloRSSighting roundTDC
12:50 pmStdSeniors IIC-SFinalTDC
13:05LatSoloRSA + B FinalTDC
13:25Award ceremonies
13:50Dancing in
14:15 hLatPupilsDPreliminary roundQ-SM
14:25 hLatHK / Seniors IICFinalQ-SM
14:40LatJuniorsDPreliminary roundQ-SM
3:10 pmLatJuniorsDSemi-finalQ-SM
15:25 hLatPupilsDFinalQ-SM
15:35 hLatJuniorsDFinalQ-SM
15:45 hAward ceremonies
16:05Dancing in
16:15hLatPupilsCPreliminary roundSM
16:30hLatJuniorsCPreliminary roundQ-SM
16:50LatSeniors IIB-SPreliminary roundQ-SM
5:25 pmLatJuniorsCFinalQ-SM
17:40Award ceremonies
18:00End of day programme
afterwardsBreak, dinner, dancing in
Evening programme: Swiss Latin Championships
7:15 pmEntry and welcome
7:30 pmStdYouth / HK / Seniors IB-SFinalTDC
7:45 pmLatJuniorsBFinalSM
20:00LatSeniors IIB-SFinalSM
8:15 pmDancing in
8:25 pmLatHKB-SPreliminary roundSM
20:45LatSeniors IB-SFinalSM
21:15LatHKB-SFinal with individual dance presentationSM
21:40Award ceremonies
approx. 22:15End of tournament
afterwards until 02:00 amPublic dance with DJ

Please note:

Photographs and films will be taken at the Swiss Championships.
With your registration you agree to the publication of the pictures.

Start list

Start list
LATEIN: Qualification Swiss Championship
Lat Sch D29Binas, MikhailBurner, AlexiaDUZSh.I
66Breus, RenatKaden, LinnTDCSh.I
65Di Bella, DesireeCenteno Garcia, EmiliaTDCSch.II
49Diebold, Antoine XavierCook, YlviHDBSch.II
58Dorling, LeonardoTrabelsi, MailaDCNHSch.II
11Haberjoh, MaximGrigoryeva, ElizavetaDUZSh.I
57Kau, OrelChaban, DariaDCNHSch.II
47Lorca, Eduard RobertoTchoubraeva, AlissaTTZSch.II
56Matviienko, AnatolyKau, BeatriceDCNHSh.I
71Parashchenko, LeonardLuponosova, MariiaDUZSh.I
68Quintieri, Sofia ValentinaDömpke, JuliaTDCSh.I
52Sergueev, DmitryCousin, Eva Maria SofiaDUZSh.I
Lat Jun D42Bardola, Laraina LouisaBrem, NolaTTZJun.I
31Dovbysh, IlliaHorat, LauraUDSC / DUZJun.II
32Dovhal, MatviiLidzar, AnastasiiaUDSCJun.II
50Egger, KianStirnimann, LeaHDBJun.II
48Cook, AriëlBaumann, RonjaHDBJun.I
63Lemmerich, LeoTomasik, LauraTDCJun.I
51Lorca, Alexander FernandoWilhelm, Michèle AnnaTTZJun.I
64Machado, SaloméKasumi, LinaTDCJun.I
77Naskovic, DamjanAcone, ValeriaDUZ6/12/2011
59Simoncini, AscanioKarolinskiy, RebeccaDCNHJun.I
39Stäbler, MarlonBundi, LadinaTTZJun.II
67Wolf, LouisaCook, ChiaraTDCJun.I
60Zaretskyi, AndriiLeimer, CamillaDCNHJun.I
Lat Jun C78Fedorenko, ArsenicYermakova, IllirikaDUZ / TTZJun.I
12Giancola, DinoSchevchuk, KseniiaDUZJun.I
36Lopez-Menendez, AgustinBalle, IsabelDCNHJun.II
13Markovskiy, Vladislav SergioSeupke, DaryaDUZJun.I
44Reznik, LevAdahanova, KamilaTTZJun.I
Lat HK/Sen II D75Muntschick, RolandAppolonov, ViktoriaRegio Tanzclub Freiburg e.V.HK
1Novikov, GlebNovikova, ElenaDUZHK
74Schulz, KarstenPulch Glauser, AndreaTTZSen.II
Lat HK/Sen II C72Giaccoli, TroianoGiaccoli, SusanneDUZSen.III
53Munari, Leandro SamueleErsch, Lisa FedericaDUZHK
Lat Sch C10Novikov, MihailVasileva, TaisiiaDUZSch.II
40Ristau, DamirTeutschmann, Mia LeonaDCNHSch.II
20Strübi, HenryTrushkina, VarvaraDUZSh.I
Lat Jun B73Cortese, AntimoAndersen, AmalieDCNHJun.II
46Hoffmeister, Henri ArpadKerkenyakova, EricaTTZJun.II
70Mansueto, FrancescoMaier, EmmaDCNHJun.II
Lat Jug B-A61Diachenko, DenysBrovarska, DariaTTZJug.
21Faraco, AlessandroLeimer, CharleenDCNHJug.
22Leimer, HendrikHermann, Selina LeandraDCNHJug.
62Lobanovskyi, MarkYermakova, ZlataTTZJug.
6Steurer, ArjanMartin, AroaHDBJug.
Lat HK B-S17Appl, MoritzAmato, JuliaTTZHK
54Büchel, DavidLandolfi, FlaviaTDSCHK
25Budry, JérômeSantiago, JoanaALDLHK
26Corrodi, DavideKucharczyk, MajaTSCZHK
55Cortese, PakySchaffner, Valeria AlenaDCNHHK
28Violinist, TristanPisarenko, CatherineTTZHK
43Martins de Sá, FlavioLesniak, AngelinaTTZHK
16Pikulin, MikhailPikulina, EvaTTZHK
18Ruef, Luca-Baptiste Pierre AlfredoJuvet, AigerimSTEPSHK
Lat Sen I B-S69Ciavarrella, AngeloSalietti, WendyDSATSen.I
7Locher, FelixNater, SilviaTTZSen.I
2Minnig, RenatoBuhala, SulekhaTTZ / DUZSen.I
19Quattrocchi, CarmeloMarjanovic, HristinaTTZSen.I
14Richoz, Pierre-YvesEtter, AudreyGKDCSen.I
Lat Sen II B-S4Kimmich, BenBerger Kimmich, AlexandraTSCZSen.II
24Lodigiani, FlavioPatt, PatriciaTSCLSen.II
5Mantino, MarcoMantino, SylvieALDLSen.III
8Bricklayer, PatrickBricklayer, NathalieDUZSen.III
9Novikov, SergeiTreijere, AnnaDUZSen.II
23Peter, BeatZurich, RuthTSCLSen.II
15Sudholt, FrankSudholt, WibkeDUZSen.III
STANDARD: Thurgau Dance Cup
Std Sch D49Diebold, Antoine XavierCook, YlviHDBSch.II
11Haberjoh, MaximGrigoryeva, ElizavetaDUZSh.I
47Lorca, Eduard RobertoTchoubraeva, AlissaTTZSch.II
Std Sch C10Novikov, MihailVasileva, TaisiiaDUZSch.II
Std Jun D42Bardola, Laraina LouisaBrem, NolaTTZJun.I
31Dovbysh, IlliaHorat, LauraUDSC / DUZJun.II
32Dovhal, MatviiLidzar, AnastasiiaUDSCJun.II
50Egger, KianStirnimann, LeaHDBJun.II
48Cook, AriëlBaumann, RonjaHDBJun.I
51Lorca, Alexander FernandoWilhelm, Michèle AnnaTTZJun.I
13Markovskiy, Vladislav SergioSeupke, DaryaDUZJun.I
39Stäbler, MarlonBundi, LadinaTTZJun.II
Std Jun C44Reznik, LevAdahanova, KamilaTTZJun.I
Std HK/Sen III + IV D35Chardonnens, Jean-PierreRohner, AgnesDUZSen.IV
27Martin, GabrieleMartin, BernhardTSC Blau Gold ÜberlingenSen.III
53Munari, Leandro SamueleErsch, Lisa FedericaDUZHK
38Colonel, DietmarBaumgarten, EdithTSC Blau-Gold ÜberlingenSen.IV
Std Jug/HK/Sen I B-S33Kasilov, VolodymyrThreesome, YuliaDUZHK
2Minnig, RenatoBuhala, SulekhaTTZ / DUZSen.I
45Reznik, DavydReznik, SofiaTTZJug.
79Shypilin, KlymAlieksieieva, AnnaTTZHK
37Scabarin, SviatoslavDriemina, YelyzavetaTGS / UDSCHK
41Wullschleger, NadiaTobler, YasminTTZSen.I
Std Sen II C-S72Giaccoli, TroianoGiaccoli, SusanneDUZSen.III
9Novikov, SergeiTreijere, AnnaDUZSen.II
76Uhrig, HelgeHilbring, DésiréeTTZSen.II
34Wyss, JanWachter, AndreaDUZ / HDBSen.II
Std Sen III + IV C-S72Giaccoli, TroianoGiaccoli, SusanneDUZSen.III
5Mantino, MarcoMantino, SylvieALDLSen.III
8Bricklayer, PatrickBricklayer, NathalieDUZSen.III
30Rechsteiner, KurtSchäfer, Heide-MariaDUZSen.IV
LATEIN: Solo tournaments
Solo Hobby85Centeno Garcia, Emilia TDCSolo Hobby
86Di Bella, Desiree TDCSolo Hobby
87Giancola, GiannaDUZSolo Hobby
88Marchado, SaloméTDCSolo Hobby
89Weingardt, VittoriaTDCSolo Hobby
90Wolf, LouisaTDCSolo Hobby
Solo Rising Stars92Bundi, LadinaTTZSolo Rising Star
93Fritzler, AlissaENSolo Rising Star
94Frunz, Elvira SofiaDUZSolo Rising Star
95Stäbler, MarlonTTZSolo Rising Star
96Novikova, SofiaDUZ

Professional hairstyling and make-up

On the occasion of the Swiss Latin Championships in Felben-Wellhausen, we offer participants the opportunity to present their performance with a professional hairstyling and make-up to perfection. Reserve your date on 18 November 2024 and let our professional beauty service from Beauty Code Studio emphasise your skills.

For a personal appointment please contact Beauty Code Studio directly via Instagram or WhatsApp +34 603 75 22 11. Our experts are ready to prepare you for your grand entrance in style.


Haymount Hall, Affolterstrasse, 8552 Felben-Wellhausen, Switzerland

Heuberghalle Felben-Wellhausen TG

Our venue is the multi-purpose hall of the Felben-Wellhausen primary school.


There is only one box office (no advance booking)


Children up to 16 years
CHF 0 .


CHF 15


CHF 30


CHF 40
Day ticket

Recommendation for overnight stay

Logo-Hotel Frauenfeld


Dance couples and spectators who arrive the evening before the event or who do not want to drive home late in the evening after the competition are in good hands at the Hotel Frauenfeld. Our partner hotel with a high affinity for dance is located in the immediate vicinity of the Frauenfeld-West motorway exit. The Heuberghalle in Felben-Wellhausen is less than a 10-minute drive away. The hotel is also easily accessible by city bus from Frauenfeld railway station.


The Teen Dance Club Frauenfeld is responsible for the smooth organisation and running of the event on behalf of the Swiss Dance Sport Federation (STSV). It celebrates its 18th anniversary in 2023 and has already held two Swiss Championships and three WDSF World Ranking Tournaments in previous years.

For Questions about the SM Latin:
Martin Zinser, / 079 247 02 47

For Questions about the TDC Frauenfeld:
Carmen Huber, / 079 249 72 18


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