STSV squad – first adjustments are decided

At a kick-off meeting with the national squad, priorities for future squad activities were compiled. In the meantime, we are working on a concept that will provide a sustainable framework for the next few years. The activities will be divided into four sub-areas – technical, physical, mental and emotional. Based on the annual assessment, priorities can be identified and activities should be planned. For each activity, on the one hand, the feedback of the participants is to be collected, and on the other hand, the corresponding benefit is to be checked on the basis of criteria. The time of all participants is limited and valuable, which is why STSV only wants to use its resources for promising activities.

Depending on the type of activity, the offer is also available to couples who do not belong to an STSV squad. Such offers are communicated in good time on the STSV channels. For couples who do not belong to a squad, however, this is associated with costs.

The STSV is now also forming a senior squad. For the time being, those couples who were nominated ad hoc as senior squads during the Corona period will be provisionally admitted as squad couples. In the coming months, the corresponding admission criteria will be defined and transferred into the regulations. From 2022, the senior squad will then have a regular status. The board has decided that the senior squad will nevertheless be allocated part of the financial resources from 2021. The couples will be allowed to obtain an STSV training suit free of charge and will be allowed to participate in the squad projects – at least partially financially discounted.

Oliver Baumann, the head of all STSV squads, will be happy to answer any questions about the squads and the corresponding activities.

National squad:

Gent Name
Gent first name
 Lady Name
Lady first name
Discipline Category
Bergant Jure Valentino Luana LA / ST Adult
Büchel David Landolfi Flavia LA / ST Adult
Corrodi Davide Kucharczyk Maja LA / ST Adult
Cuoco Alessandro Kosareva Olga LA Adult
Geiger Tristan Catherine Pisarenko LA Adult
Hofstetter Philipp Hoffmeister April Danija LA Adult
Kasilov Volodymyr Dreier Yulia ST Adult
Wibawa Pitt-Alexander Wibawa Tiara-Sophia LA Adult

Junior squad:

Gent name
Gent first name
Lady name
Lady first name Discipline Category
Brändle Luano Schürpf Aleksandra LA / ST Junior II
Gemperle Leandro Hollenstein Ella LA Youth
Leimer Hendrik Hermann Selina LA Junior I
Pikulin Mikhail Holinger Maria-Valentina LA / ST Youth
Shkabarin Svjatoslav Amato Julia LA / ST Youth
Steurer Arjan Martin Aroa LA / ST Junior I

Single squad dancers:

Hoffmeister Henri Arpad Juvenile II ST/LA

Senior squad:

Gent Name
Gent first name
Lady Name
Lady first name
Discipline Category
Briner Jürg Egli Katharina ST Sen 2
Künzi Beat Kaufmann Barbara ST Sen 1
Locher Felix Nater Silvia LA/ST Sen 1
Lodigiani Flavio Patt Patricia LA Sen 2
Richoz Pierre-Yves Etter Audrey LA/ST Sen 1
Rechsteiner Kurt Schäfer Heide-Maria ST Sen 4
Schmidt Rafael Baier Sarah LA Sen 1
Städler Erich Städler Franziska ST Sen 2