Postponed is not cancelled. Due to the uncertain planning situation and the presumed reluctance of the Swiss dance sport family towards larger indoor public events, despite the possible relaxation of the FOPH, the STSV board has decided to postpone the first STSV Dance Night until the autumn. On the occasion of his media conference on 12 May, Federal Councillor Berset also famously announced that in June indoor events would probably only be allowed 100 people.

The social happening of the Swiss Dancing Federation will now take place on Saturday, 18 September at the Haus des Sports in Ittigen near Bern. The evening will have the motto “Seventies” and will be organised by the national squad. Both the music selection by our DJ and the catering buffet are geared to this theme. And of course we are happy if all guests – dancers, club members, parents and friends – come to this party in colourful clothes as well.

Ticket sales will start in July, the number of seats is limited. The ticket price of 85 Swiss francs for adults (45 Swiss francs for under 18s) includes admission, food and a welcome drink. The national squad will also provide the best entertainment with a show specially rehearsed for this evening. Dance with the champs!