Dear dance sport community

The extraordinary situation has presented us with unusual challenges for the second year in a row. But despite the difficult start of this year and the various obstacles that had to be overcome, we were able to experience some highlights.

At this point I would like to highlight three of them – representative of the many small and larger contributions:

The Swiss Championships

At a total of four events in the “Corona Window” between July and November, our champions in Standard and Latin were chosen in all age categories. The organising clubs TGS/TSCZ, TSBE and TTZ put in a great effort to make these tournaments an impressive experience for all participants and guests. We would like to thank all those responsible and their helpers for their great commitment.

New STSV Sports Development Concept

In July and August, we launched the newly designed, holistic development programme with our national and junior squads. The experience and learning stations they went through showed everyone how diverse and challenging sport development in dance sport – in addition to the acquisition of technique – really is. The commitment of all participants made the two Sundays a special joint experience. The couples are looking forward to continuing the programme next year.

The start of the Y+S Agenda 2025 

Since October 2021, dancing standard/latin has been a sport in its own right at the Y+S. With Agenda 2025, the Y+S training concept is being put on a new footing. For us, this means the creation of new teaching materials and the design of numerous lively exercise modules using a variety of media. In addition, tools are being developed for the trained Y+S leaders to make it easier for them to put what they have learned into practice. In Nadia, we have found a committed Y+S training manager with experience in youth work, who is facing the challenges with great enthusiasm. The new contract with the FOSPO will help us to significantly expand our scope of action. The reorganisation in the area of Y+S will contribute to broadening the basis for our sport.


The additional commitment shown in the member clubs and on the STSV board, as well as the largely positive atmosphere, make me look forward to the new year with confidence.

Walter Vogt, President STSV