30.11.2020 – Following the meeting of November 8 at the Haus des Sports, the STSV Board defined the strategic direction for the next three years in an intensive workshop on the weekend of November 21-22 above Liestal. During this workshop, the projects for 2021, which had previously been outlined and prioritized by the base of the association, were determined in terms of content and placed on the timeline. Our success is based on three pillars:

We increase athletic success 

As the STSV Vision 2030 describes it, we want to advance to the top of the world again in the next ten years. As a prerequisite for this, we are expanding our base.

We will start with the relaunch of “Jugend+Sport” (Youth+Sport), where existing and new J+S leaders will inspire children and young people to dance. As a continuation, we will establish the STSV coach training, based on a comprehensive curriculum. The national squad and the junior squad will be conceptually reorganized and supervised.

We revitalize the tournament scene 

Four other projects will simplify the organization and support for both Swiss Dance Championships and medium and smaller dance tournaments. This will encourage clubs to organize tournaments with new commitment in the different parts of the country. Because there will be more tournaments, new tournament directors will also have to be trained.

We experience our cohesion 

An STSV media editorial office will make the Swiss dancing sport visible in the public in the next years. With an exuberant STSV summer party we will bring members, dancers and friends together and find our identity. With a volunteer community we will give everyone who wants to participate in our common passion the opportunity to get involved.

Currently, all of these projects are in the detailed planning and budgeting stages. At the STSV Delegates Meeting on March 27, 2021, all projects will be presented and – where necessary – the release of the required financial resources will be obtained. All projects will be prepared and accompanied by the board members, dedicated volunteers are invited to participate in the design and implementation. So that we can celebrate the achievement of goals together.