STSV Standard Couples Climb the World Ranking List

Two top Swiss couples in the Standard Main Category are steadily climbing up the WDSF World Ranking List: Davide Corrodi/Maya Kucharczyk from the TSCZ are now within touching distance of the Top 50 thanks to numerous foreign starts and good placings. If they break this "sound barrier", they will have the advantage at major tournaments that they will only have to dance from the second round onwards, which guarantees better rankings and more world ranking points in advance. Vova Kasilov/Yulia Dreier, the current Swiss champions, have also improved in 2022 and are ranked 84th in mid-May. For the two best Swiss standard couples, the European Championships in Bucharest on 28 May will be another measuring point for where they stand in the international comparison.

Five other Swiss couples have a WDSF ranking in the Top 100 as of mid-May. In the Senior II category, the Latin couple Frank and Wibke Sudholt stand out with 5th place, while in the Senior III category, the Standard Champions Jürg Briner/Katharina Egli shine in a field of 546 couples with 16th place.

ClassClassified pairsRankDancing coupleClub
HK Standard 69954.Davide Corrodi/Maja KucharczykTSCZ
84.Vova Kasilov/Yulia DreierDUZ
HK Latin87471.Davide Corrodi/Maja KucharczykTSCZ
Juniors Standard 19547.Arjan Steurer/Aroa MartinTDC
Juniors Latin21878.Arjan Steurer/Aroa MartinTDC
Seniors I Latin 11848.Ben Kimmich/Alexandra KimmichTSCZ
Seniors II Latin 1565.Frank Sudholt/Wibke SudholtDUZ
36.Ben Kimmich/Alexandra KimmichTSCZ
Seniors III Standard54616.Jürg Briner/Katharina EgliDUZ
Seniors III Latin13660.Frank Sudholt/Wibke SudholtDUZ
Seniors IV Standard24977.Kurt Rechsteiner/Heide-Maria SchäferDUZ

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