16.11.2020 – STSV President Walter Vogt, posted with ten club representatives at the Haus des Sports in Ittigen near Bern, welcomed more than 20 other interested people on the second Sunday in November, who joined in via Zoom with their laptops and wanted to actively engage with the immediate future of the Swiss Dance Sport Federation. “The interest and commitment were overwhelming for me,” said a delighted Vogt, who had launched the “Vision 2030” initiative with the STSV board in January, inviting the “grassroots” to openly help shape Swiss dancing.

After the president had explained to all participants the path so far, the big picture and the goals of the day, they could anonymously fill out a questionnaire. The five topic areas with the greatest agreement were then intensively discussed in small groups, which were divided into different chat rooms, and again presented to the plenum.

In all topic areas – “Dancing for all”, “Cadre”, “Tournaments”, “External impact” as well as “Development dance community” – further basics and interesting ideas were collected, which will now flow into the concrete planning 2021. The STSV board prioritizes the concrete project definitions in its strategy weekend of November 21/22, for which an appropriate budget and human resources will be made available in the coming year.

One project that has already been firmly set is “J+S in STSV”, with which the foundations developed in recent years are to be used to create a broad and sustainable base of children and young people who are enthusiastic about dance.

The STSV is pleased that the upcoming tasks can be distributed on more shoulders. Indeed, 78% of all participants of the workshop signaled that they would like to help in some way with the further development of the Swiss dance sport.