It’s starting again – the Swiss tournament scene is coming back to life. After an interruption of more than six months, the first STSV tournaments in 2021 will be held in Hausen am Albis (12 June) and Wallisellen (26 June). The first highlight of the season is the Swiss Ten Dance Championship, which will take place on 10 July in Uitikon.

Swiss Championship Ten Dance – Samba meets Rock’n’Roll

This year’s Swiss Ten Dance Championships will be held as part of the Züri Trophy on Saturday, 10 July 2021 at the Üdiker-Huus in Uitikon (closing date for entries is 10 June). The dance company Galactic Stars will organise this championship together with the Rock’n’Roll Club DAMO from Winterthur. Samba meets Rock’n’Roll.

The Rock’n’Roll Club DAMO was already involved with an intermission show at last year’s big dance sport weekend, when the Swiss Championships of Standard and Latin American Dances as well as the supreme discipline over ten dances took place in Wallisellen. Now, together with the dance company Galactic Stars (TGS), the club is hosting the Züri Trophy for rock’n’roll dance couples and the 10-dance SM. “It will be a great dance event with two different dance styles,” TGS President Kurt Kämpf is already looking forward to, “and the Üdiker-Huus offers the perfect setting for it.” The TGS had already organised the ten-dance championship in Uitikon in 2019. Now, not only is the combination with the Züri Trophy new, but the circumstances are very special. “Not knowing exactly how many spectators will ultimately be admitted and the extra effort to be able to implement the protective measures make the organisation a lot more difficult,” adds Kurt Kämpf. The organisers of the last Swiss Championships last autumn can testify to this, who nevertheless managed to put on a great event. Above all, the dancing couples were very happy and motivated to be back on the dance floor after the long break. They offered the audience an exciting competition. This fact also gives Kämpf hope: “We will do everything necessary to offer the dancers, no matter what dance style, a great tournament and we are convinced that the spectators present will also be thrilled by the combination of Standard and Latin dances as well as Rock’n’Roll”.

The audience will be eager to see how the dancing couples have mastered this once again long tournament break. Will Jure Bergant/Luana Valentino succeed in defending their title? Or will their predecessors Davide Corride/Maja Kucharczyk take revenge and win the gold medals. Or is there suddenly a third couple that can threaten the two favoured TSCZ couples?

How many couples will ultimately compete in Uitikon is still open. The registration deadline is fixed for 10 June. Currently, 23 couples have bought licences from the STSV, which makes them eligible to compete in both categories. Depending on the number of entries, categories will be merged – as in the two previous years – but will be judged individually. The STSV plans to use nine adjudicators, the majority of whom are foreign WDSF adjudicators.