Anyone who travels to the Swiss Senior Championships every year and keeps a close eye on the dancing couples knows their performance by now. Schwarzenburg delivered the same title holders as in 2020, with one exception. And – two great series were successfully extended.

The Zurich standard pair Jürg Briner/Katharina Egli have been the biggest trendsetters and title collectors for more than a decade. In Schwarzenburg they completed the dozen and won their twelfth gold medal. “I’m still counting the titles,” said Jürg Briner mischievously, who with his partner puts in an immense amount of effort for training and competitions. In the meantime, this has also had an effect on the WDSF World Ranking List, where the best Swiss senior couple is currently ranked 10th among about 1000 dance couples in the Senior III category. It is understandable that the other couples are only left with places of honour in this competition at a national championship.

One step below them are Fabio Lodigiani/Patricia Patt from the Tanzsport Club Luzern. The fiery dancers from Central Switzerland strung together their eleventh victory in a row and once again took the gold and the winner’s bouquet in superior style. This time, the Lucerne dancers did not manage a double victory in the Seniors II-IV category as they did last year in Wallisellen. Peter/Zürcher had to take second place behind Sudholt/Sudholt (DUZ), but they could still be satisfied.

Rafael Schmidt/Sarah Baier (DUZ) also convincingly defended their title in the Senior I Latin and Beat Künzi/Barbara Kaufmann from the organiser Tanzsport Bern. Behind these winning couples, the sophomore dancers Felix Locher/Silvia Nater (TTZ) and Pierre-Yves Richoz/Audrey Etter (Geneva KapDanse Club) each took a silver and bronze medal.

Martin Vogel/Astrid Vogel (DUZ), the favoured standard couple, won the title in the Seniors II category ahead of Claude Pribitzer/Bettina Patralli from TTZ. In the oldest category there was a new winning couple to applaud. The locals Beat Schmid/Monika Schmid rewarded the organisers with the second gold medal of the day. They won all five dances and clearly relegated the defending champions Kurt Rechsteiner/Heide-Maria Schäfer (TTZ) to the place of honour.

Bern Championships with main category

Vova Kasilov/Yulia Dreier in Standard and Philipp Hofstetter/April Hoffmeister in Latin were proclaimed winners of the main category tournaments, which were interwoven into the Swiss Senior Championships as part of the Bern Championships. Pupils, juniors and youth competitions were also held.

Schwarzenburg was the venue for Swiss Championships for the second time. This beautiful village is somewhat remote, but the dance floor in the Pöschen community hall is ideal for events of this size. The organiser, Tanzsport Bern, once again proved to be a prudent organiser who guaranteed that everything ran smoothly. The fact that for the first time a Covid certificate was required from all visitors and athletes did not lead to any discussions or conflicts, which is a positive sign for future STSV tournaments.


Medals overview

Club    Gold   Silver Bronze
Dance Unlimited Zürich 3 1 2
Tanz Sport Bern 2
Tanzsport Club Luzern 1 1
Turnier-Tanzsportklub Zürich 3 1
Geneva KapDanse Club 1 1
Académy Lucky Danse 1
Tanzsportclub Basilisk 1