Will Sir Alfred Joseph Hitchcock direct again when the best Swiss standard couples compete once more in Wallisellen to crown their national champions? A year ago, three couples were tied after four dances. In a thrilling final, the now separated Jure Bergant/Luana Valentino won only in the Quickstep by a razor-thin margin against Davide Corrodi/Maja Kucharczyk and Volodimyr Kasilov/Yulia Dreier.

The two who were narrowly beaten will also be in the spotlight on Saturday evening, 2 October, when dancing takes place in the Doktorhaus hall. At the World Championships in Brno they were only separated by a blink of an eye. Recently, the dynamic dancers from Zug have always been slightly ahead. Their ten-dance championship title, which they won back in Uetikon before the summer holidays, must have given them an additional boost. The slightly older Kasilov/Dreier from Bern, who compete for DUZ, will do everything they can to convince the seven judges with their elegance and maturity.
Behind them, there could be another duel for bronze. Federico Antonini/Benedetta Castaldi (DUZ) and David Büchel/Flavia Landolfi (TDSC) also had a close fight last year.
New Swiss champions will also be crowned in the categories pupils, juniors and youth. Unfortunately, the fields of participants are disappointingly small.

Glattal Pokal with an international touch
The Swiss Championships, organised by the experienced Turnier-Tanzsportklub Zürich, will take place within the framework of the traditional Glattalpokal, where especially the Latin tournament of the main category can become an attractive programme item. No less than four TTZ couples will be competing for the tournament victory. A touch of international flair is brought by the numerous senior competitions, where starters from Germany and Austria are also expected.
The Glattal Pokal starts at noon, the most important programme items are planned for the evening programme. This evening programme will also be shown live on the streaming platform www.swiss-sport.tv. Covid certification is mandatory for all participants and spectators. Advance ticket sales as well as current information such as the schedule or the starting lists can be found on the organiser’s website.

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