The time of the yellow and blue star book is passé – the STSV takes the step into the digital recording and storage of results. What’s new? What does this mean for the active dance couples?

Each dancer receives an annual license card with a unique license number – the so-called ID – for each discipline.

Registration for an STSV tournament continues as before via the link to the registration portal in the tournament calendar on our website. To do this, the couple will register with one of the two license numbers listed on the card. The process itself is explained in more detail on the registration portal. The portal checks the start authorization and copies the couple’s stored data into the registration. After the registration deadline, this data is transferred from the start portal to the tournament software TopTurnier. The license must be shown on the day of the tournament at check-in for identification and legitimation. For the registration for the Glattal Cup, we are using an interim solution in which the data must be recorded as before.

The previously used WDSF version of the TopTurnier was expanded by the manufacturer with the functionality of an STSV version. This shows the regulations – especially the pyramid tournaments – of our tournament regulations. This greatly facilitates handling during a tournament.

After the tournament has ended, all tournament results are fed into the association’s database of results. The previous entry in the start book – a time-consuming process that requires a lot of attention – is completely eliminated. All athletes can use their ID license number and the associated password to call up their personal results danced from 2020. The results before 2020 are not transferred to the database. In order to request their own password, all licensed users need a mail address registered with the association. If you do not yet have access to an email address, you must do so now. Please observe the brief instructions for handling (click here for instructions).