Bad news from the Swiss national squad. The STSV was informed a few days ago that last year’s “high-flyers” – the three-time Swiss champions Jure Bergant and Luana Valentina (picture) – have already separated again after an intensive year together. Bergant, who lives in Ljubliana, wants to concentrate on his professional career from now on. Meanwhile, the Ticino native is looking for a new ten-dance partner to continue her dancing career, which she launched only last season. The STSV regrets this separation extraordinarily and wishes both of them much success in their professional, sporting and private lives.
The STSV has now nominated the DUZ couple Vova Kasilov/Yulia Dreier in their place for the World Championships Standard on 18 September in Brno/Czech Republic. Davide Corrodi/Maja Kucharczyk from TSCZ were already nominated as SM runners-up.