Chiasso, 29th of September 2018, 9:19 pm, Swiss Championships 2018, Viennese Waltz Final Standard.

Two couples fight for the title as Swiss champion, they swing synchronously turning right starting from the short side all along the long side of the floor. The synchrony of the movements these top dancers show, fascinates me right away. I focus on it and take more than 10 pictures of this spectacular scene.
Later on, while I was sorting out and editing the picture, I’m thrilled all over again.

Two couples dancing the exact same moves… and still not exactly in the same way. We recognize small differences in the position of the feet, turning-angles, shapes.

It is not about identifying which couples is more perfect than the other. Both show a convincing performance! Each couple would probably score equivalently over this distance with its individual capabilities. The most important element for judging them is actually missing: the beat!

Judges have to detect and evaluate qualities within seconds. We have now the possibility to regard every movement frame by frame without any pressure of time. We can dive into the moment and marvel at their skills.

Pictures, however, only show a fracture of a second of a particular moment. They can be unmasking on one side, or may hide quicker, not optimal flowing of movements on the other side…

Yulia, Maja, Vova und Davide, Thank you!

You let us take part in this fascinating duel!

Source: dance! Reinhard Egli