STSV Workshop “We are building our future”

What will Swiss dance sport look like in ten years? How should we shape our future? Last weekend almost 30 members from Ticino, French and German-speaking Switzerland met in Olten to discuss this topic. Under the direction of Walter Vogt and Brigitte Stäldi, the President and the Sports Manager of the STSV Board of Directors, a structured exchange of ideas emerged, in which they worked out with great commitment and pleasure how they want to understand and implement the Vision 2030. From a total of 110 mentions, 33 guiding principles in 5 fields of action were finally developed.

“For the first time in many years, I had the feeling that the association was aware of its members and responded to them. A thoroughly positive day, which gives hope for a good future!“ That’s how Yulia Dreier from DUZ summed it up and was very positively surprised at the openness with which discussions could be held here. And Audrey Etter from Geneva also came to a similar conclusion. “For me it was a very rich exchange, where we also exchanged ideas beyond the language regions and our cultures. “The first step has been taken, now I look forward to continuing.”

The second part of the workshop will take place on Saturday, 28 March, in Aarau. This is the time to get down to brass tacks, achieve quick wins and launch larger projects.

All those interested in a successful future for Swiss dance sport are invited to participate: Active dance sportsmen and women, trainers, parents, adjudicators, members of swissdance. Participation in the first workshop is not a prerequisite.

Every idea is worth to be taken seriously.

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