On November 23, Walter Vogt was unanimously elected as the new president at the extraordinary meeting of delegates of the Swiss dance sports association STSV in Olten. The Basler with experience in leadership is looking forward to this responsible task and wants to actively carry it out with like-minded people.

After President Herbert Waller’s resignation in August, Vice President Jasmin Corrodi led the STSV during three months on an interim basis. She headed the extraordinary assembly of delegates competently and was given a bouquet of flowers by Walter Vogt as a symbolic thank you for her short-term additional work.

Walter Vogt is president of the Basilisk Basel dance sports club. He was elected to the STSV board together with three other club presidents on the occasion of the last ordinary delegate meeting on March 9, 2019. Since then, the entrepreneur and organizational developer has led the task force with great commitment, which examines the structures and processes of the association and has also taken on a first operational tasks. Walter Vogt also runs the orphaned office as the STSV secretariat.

In the past six months, the task force has drawn up a provisional mission statement for 2020, which is now to be developed further at the beginning of next year together with interested members of the Swiss dance sports scene. “It is extremely important to me that the clubs, the dancers and other interested stakeholders of our dance scene are involved in the design of the STSV future,” Walter Vogt points out. A corresponding invitation to participate in the 2020 mission statement will be issued in December and will also be published here.

A second concrete result of the task force is the development of a completely revised, new tournament regulations. Under the leadership of Brigitte Stäldi there was a fruitful discussion with the delegates present. Many of the ideas formulated will flow into the final version, which will be sent to the presidents of the STSV clubs at the end of November for a 30-day consultation. The most important adjustments will be published here soon.

Walter Vogt will invite the five other board members Jasmin Corrodi, Brigitte Stäldi, Gunar Haas, Oliver Baumann and Martin Zinser to a constitutive meeting in December, in which the tasks will be distributed as best as possible.