The Turnier-Tanzsportklub Zürich (TTZ) used to hold countless tournaments in the main hall of the Dancers Tanzschule in Wallisellen for many years. The Zürisee Pokal was one of the season highlights for A and S couples from all over Switzerland. As the dance floor at Dancers became too small for standard tournaments with the growing demands and Dancers generally refrained from holding dance tournaments during Dancing, the tournament disappeared from the calendar.

The TTZ decided to organise a pure Latin tournament this year in addition to the Glattal Pokal and to continue the tradition of the original Zürisee Pokal.

The “old hands” of the dance scene may well remember the great atmosphere at Dancers. The spectators take their seats on sofas in the cosy boxes and can cheer the couples on to top performances from close up.

The couples, for their part, enjoy the dance floor in the adjacent course room, the great music system, the pleasantly air-conditioned temperatures for athletes even in summer, the beautiful dance floor of the dance school and, of course, the aforementioned warm support of the fans.

So don’t miss this great event and come to the Dancers Tanzschule in Wallisellen on 24 July.

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