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Tournament Director

Current tournament leaders

Besides the numerous helpers and the dancing couples, a dance tournament always needs officials. In addition to the adjudicators who evaluate the dancing couples, an adjudicating panel (1x tournament management and 1x tournament administration) is needed, which enters the evaluated results into the tournament software and creates the ranking lists.

But the work of the arbitral tribunal is far greater, it includes: 

  • Dividing the couples, determining the dance rounds and groups
  • Provision of the documents for the adjudication panel
  • Correct application of the selection rules and determination of results
  • Control of duration and tempi of ballroom dances
  • Review of the dress code
  • Control of the proper behaviour of the participants (couples and environment, adjudication panel)
  • Forwarding of the tournament results and the tournament report to the STSV

Updated: 14.05.2023

AssociationFirst name / SurnameFunction
Happy Dancers Baden (HDB)Jonas FislerTL / TA
Happy Dancers Baden (HDB)Sandra MattTL / TA
Basilisk Dance Club (TSB)Djelloul BoulicheTA
Basilisk Dance Club (TSB)Walter VogtTL / TA
Dance Sport Berne (TSBE)Anita FrameTL / TA
Dance Sport Berne (TSBE)Brigitte StäldiTL / TA
Dance Sport Berne (TSBE)Erich StäldiTL / TA
Tournament Dance Sport Club Zurich (TTZ)Sebastian BeredaTA
Tournament Dance Sport Club Zurich (TTZ)Iris BuserTL / TA
Tournament Dance Sport Club Zurich (TTZ)Verena Frangi Granwehr TA
Tournament Dance Sport Club Zurich (TTZ)Monika KuhnTL / TA
Tournament Dance Sport Club Zurich (TTZ)Roman SchneuwlyTA
TL = Tournament Leader (Chairperson)
TA = Tournament Administration (Scrutineer)

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Together with our media partner Swiss Sport TV, we are offering an uncommented live stream with all decisions and award ceremonies from the Trafo Cup in Baden. So if you can't be there,
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