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Doping is the taking of illicit substances or the use of illicit methods to enhance or maintain athletic performance. Doping is also prohibited in dance sport and doping controls are carried out regularly. Dancers are therefore advised to inform themselves about which substances are prohibited in the context of the practice of dance sport.

Important information on the subject of doping

Sick or injured?

Numerous medicines contain substances prohibited according to the doping list and can lead to a positive doping test. Therefore, always check all medicines before use.

Medication query Global 

With the medication query Global DRO you can find out whether your medication is prohibited in sport.

Doping list

The Doping List is a list of prohibited substances and methods published annually by WADA.

A very practical tool are the apps for smartphones provided free of charge by With the help of these apps, you can easily search for the names of medicines or substances and receive simple explanations with red or green markings. Please note that only medicines are included here, but there are also food additives (some of which are available in normal grocery shops) which are also prohibited! Information on this can also be found on the homepage of Antidoping Switzerland.

Rights and duties of athletes

The provisions of the World Anti-Doping Code (Code) and the Swiss Olympic Doping Statute (Doping Statute) are part of the sporting rules and protect athletes' right to compete in a doping-free environment. It is important that athletes at all levels of performance know their rights and obligations.


The education of athletes forms the core of doping prevention. Antidoping Switzerland pays particular attention to the target group of young athletes. In order to meet the current needs of this target group, there are various electronic offerings that are optimised for use on mobile devices

Therapeutic Use Exemption

If an Athlete requires a Prohibited Substance or Prohibited Method for health reasons, he/she has the option of applying for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE). However, this possibility can only be used if there is no adequate therapeutic alternative to the use of the prohibited substance or prohibited method. It is therefore the applicant's duty to ensure that appropriate medical clarifications have been made in advance.

Athletes must submit a prior TUE application to the World Dancesport Federation (WDSF) if they are participating or have participated in any of the tournaments listed below in the current or previous year:

  • WDSF World Championships of the age categories Youth, Adult or Senior I
  • WDSF World Cups
  • WDSF Grand Slams

All other athletes do not need a prior ATZ and can submit one subsequently if required.


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