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Annual Report


Annual report 2022

The President

Another eventful and moving year is history. After we thought we had overcome the worst at the beginning of the year, we were startled by new bad news at the end of February: war in Ukraine, war in Europe. There is currently no end in sight.

As a result, 19 Ukrainian dancers have found a place in our clubs. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have actively supported the sporting interests of these young people.
and still do.

However, this did not stop our members from preparing and successfully organising a total of 13 events with numerous tournaments in various age categories and performance classes over 12 days this year with great optimism. On behalf of the athletes, I would like to thank the organisers and their helpers.

Since our DM in May 2022, we have successfully launched and finalised a number of projects. I would like to take this opportunity to emphasise in particular

For further details, I would like to refer you to the following reports from the departments. The foundations have been laid for the successful further development of our sport. We can now really get going. If additional helping hands are willing to lend a hand, we will be able to work on some
We will achieve the desired results more quickly in the future. I would like to thank Brigitte and my male colleagues on the Executive Board for their friendly and collegial cooperation, their perseverance even under difficult conditions and their valuable contributions over the past year.

Walter Vogt

The financial year 2022

With a budgeted net loss of CHF 54,400, 2021 ended with an expenditure surplus of CHF 24,238.

Operating income was CHF 7,239 higher than budgeted, while expenses for sports operations were CHF 10,883 lower than budgeted.

The breakdown of expenses is shown in the chart below. Further details can be found in the 2022 financial statements

Membership movement

The trend among passive members is continuing downwards, whereas the line for active members is pointing slightly upwards.

The adjusted portfolio increased by 21 individual members (2.8%) compared to the previous year (2021).

Sports Organisation Department

A total of 85 dance couples licensed in Switzerland (including 22 10-dance couples) took part in ten dance tournaments held in Switzerland in 2022. Three tournaments were combined with the Swiss Standard, Latin and 10-dance championships. Many thanks to all the organising clubs, the organisers and their numerous helpers.

Swiss Championships 2022
The search for organisers of Swiss championships has become increasingly difficult in recent years due to the great effort involved and, in particular, the financial risks. In response, the STSV Executive Board presented a completely new concept at the Presidents' Conference on 16 December 2021 and at the 2022 Delegates' Meeting, in which the championships are primarily the responsibility of the association with a correspondingly large financial contribution from the STSV. This will increase the planning security of the organising clubs and reduce the financial risk. From the
CHF 19,226 of the CHF 21,000 budgeted for this was utilised.

As of this year, the organisers no longer have to pay any contributions to the association to host the Swiss Championships (previously between CHF 2,000 and CHF 5,000). In addition, the association covers the entire costs of the foreign judges (travelling, meals and all overnight stays), the expenses of the tournament organisers (speaker, referee, music, etc.) and the medals. In return, the organisers cede 35% of any winnings to the association. The high level of transparency in the respective settlements has contributed to the new regulations being a complete success. The experience gained was praised by both sides.

Tanz Sport Bern and the Happy Dancers Baden, who have not organised an SM for years, as well as - for the very first time - the Geneva KapDanse Club together with the Ballroom Dancing Club Genève dared to organise an SM together with the representatives of the STSV. The 19 foreign judges from 11 countries also gave very good feedback on the events and returned home with positive experiences.

I am convinced that these three successful events will give other clubs the courage to bid for a Swiss championship.

Swiss Dance Tour Festival
After a long Corona break, a WDSF tournament was once again held in Ticino at Easter. The Ticino Dance Sport Club, with substantial support from Marco Gusella from Italy, held a well-organised international dance tournament for the dance couples.

Training of tournament directors/tournament administrators (TL/TA)
The second part of the TL/TA training took place in February 2022. A total of eight members from various clubs have now been trained so that they can actively participate in the sport-organisational preparation and implementation of tournaments and gain practical experience.

Brigitte Stäldi
Gunar Haas

Competitive and popular sports department

The past year was once again filled with a lot of routine activities and some project work. The selection of junior pairs on the basis of the
PISTE process was successfully submitted. However, the result is not yet fully adapted to the innovations and still requires improvements.

Promotion of young talent
The promotion of young talent is undergoing a complete overhaul. On the basis of a consistent
concept, we want to support the athletes' path within the framework of the FTEM model (–sport-athlete-development-swissolympic) more effectively. This path begins with the entry of young athletes from grassroots sport into competitive sport and leads to the desired success via the youth development concept. In preparation for this, the appropriate foundations are already being laid within the framework of Y+S. Nadia Wullschleger, the new Y+S training officer, is currently in the process of defining the necessary specifications.

A curriculum for the promotion of young talent and management development is an important component of our programme. Work on this has so far been carried out by a small team. The result of this work will serve as the basis for replacing the 2014 concept for promoting young talent. Ultimately, the revision of the current PISTE process is also linked to this.

Due to the limited resources available, we are forced to take small steps. In order to revise the PISTE process over the next few months in line with Swiss Olympic guidelines, we will need additional staff. Anyone who would like to work on this is very welcome!

Fitness test with Rafael Grüninger
We have continued our collaboration with Rafael Grüninger in 2022. The results of the junior pairs will now be used as a selection criterion in the PISTE. The test is still mandatory for couples in the elite squad. We monitor how well the couples implement Rafael's training plans,
However, we still have some work to do.

PISTE auditions
After the first trials in 2021, video auditions were also continued in 2022. The evaluation of videos is proving to be practical - as long as the videos submitted meet the quality targets. During the fitness tests in March, the young couples will be trained to create better videos.

Selections for international championships
Gunar Haas supports me in this area. He reports the couples to the organisers. Unfortunately, we can't always send couples because in some categories either the required level of performance is not given or the Swiss passport is missing. On the other hand, Davide and Maja's current position in the world rankings is very pleasing. They are currently in first place in the combined rankings.

Help wanted
There is a lack of supporting hands in my department. Unfortunately, no one responded to the appeal in last autumn's newsletter. If this remains the case, we will not be able to support the squad pairs to the extent required. In the worst case scenario, Swiss Olympic may refuse us the cards if we don't get the PISTE process sorted out soon. Please help us find suitable helpers and let me know if you are interested, thank you!

Oliver Baumann

Department Communication

We have taken another step towards our goal of improving the visibility of Swiss dance sport in 2022. The STSV now has the opportunity to realise a live stream with several cameras of Swiss championships and other selected tournaments. In this project, the STSV is working together with the TTZ, which already had good basic video and direction equipment. With additional equipment worth CHF 7,000 purchased by the STSV, the STSV/TTZ now have an audiovisual infrastructure that opens up these possibilities.

Under the leadership of Benjamin Hadorn, this new camera and control system, operated by camera-savvy staff, has already been used at the Swiss Standard Championships in Kirchberg, Latin in Baden and Ten Dance in Geneva, as well as at the Glattalpokal in Wallisellen. In addition to the free live stream, which was available on our association website, longer replay recordings can now also be accessed afterwards.
With another six newsletters sent to over 600 addresses, the media team was able to regularly attract attention. The news items placed there are linked to articles on our website This website is constantly updated and relevant news can be read quickly.

The media team is not yet satisfied with the social media work. We are aware that there is a lot of hidden potential here that we are not yet utilising. We do have an Instagram and Facebook page, which we have fed from time to time - but we urgently need to improve here. The premiere of an "STSV Dance Night" planned for September 2022 was once again unable to take place. After the actual kick-off event in 2021 fell victim to the pandemic, advance sales this time were unfortunately very weak. The Executive Board therefore decided to cancel the event ahead of time, before cancellation costs would have been incurred. This project will therefore no longer be pursued until further notice.

The media team saw two departures at the end of 2022; Philipp Hofstetter and Svjatoslav Skabarin, our two youngest employees, are focussing on their studies and dancing. Martin Zinser (management), Reini Egli (photos/newsletter), Claude Pribitzer, Vera Bruderer (both website), who were joined by Benjamin Hadorn (live streaming), remain.

Martin Zinser



Together with our media partner Swiss Sport TV, we are offering an uncommented live stream with all decisions and award ceremonies from the Trafo Cup in Baden. So if you can't be there,
is nevertheless there live.

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