Annual Report


Annual Report 2021

The President

The extraordinary situation has again presented us with unusual challenges for the second year in a row. But despite the difficult start of this year and the various obstacles that had to be overcome in the aftermath, we were able to remain true to our chosen motto:

We have planned and made decisions in 10 intensive board meetings and one retreat.
I would like to emphasise the following points in particular

New Sport Development Concept STSV
In July and August, we launched the newly designed, holistic development programme with our national and junior squads. The experience and learning stations they went through showed everyone how diverse and demanding the athletic development in dance sport - in addition to the acquisition of technique - really is.

The Swiss Championships
On a total of four occasions in the "Corona Window" between July and November, our champions in Standard and Latin were chosen in all age categories. With a great effort, the organising clubs TGS/TSCZ, TSBE and TTZ made these tournaments an impressive experience for all participants and guests.

Medial activities
The newly formed media team has succeeded in regularly providing the community with up-to-date information, presenting our sport in an attractive way and strengthening the sense of togetherness.

Towards the Y+S Agenda 2025
Since October 2021, dancing standard/latin has been a sport in its own right at Y+S. With Agenda 2025, the Y+S training concept is being put on a new footing. For us, this means the creation of new teaching materials and the design of numerous lively exercise modules using a variety of media.

We achieved some of our goals, but had to capitulate on other projects due to the abundance and adverse circumstances.
Due to the pandemic, partly due to the six-month standstill of the dance operations, but also due to the extraordinary workload of all those involved, some projects could either not be started or could not be continued as desired. As a result, the following topics were reprioritised in the planning and resources were allocated:

These will remain with us in the 2022 annual planning.
The additional commitment shown in the member clubs and on the STSV board - I refer to the comments of the department heads - as well as the largely positive atmosphere allow me to look to the future with confidence.
At this point I would like to thank everyone for their special commitment in this special year. Without the great commitment of my colleague and the colleagues on the board of the federation and all those responsible in the clubs, the progress and successes would not have been possible to this extent.
My wish for all of us is that in 2022, personal encounters, real exchanges and on-site trainings will once again be possible to a greater extent.

Walter Vogt

The financial year 2021

With a budgeted net loss of CHF 45,000, which was to be reduced to CHF 15,000 with CHF 30,000 via the release of reserves, the year 2021 ended with a revenue surplus of CHF 15,822. And this without drawing on the reserves.

Operating income was CHF 3,679 higher than budgeted.

Expenses in sports operations are CHF 42,425 lower than budgeted. The reason for this is once again the quasi standstill of the trainings and the worldwide standstill of the tournament scene in the first half of the year.

A further contribution was made by the price gain of CHF 9,751 on securities.

The sports operating expenses totalling CHF 65,656, such as championships, training of adjudicators, infrastructure (tournament software), are allocated to the sports segments (elite sports, junior sports, popular sports and administration) as shown below.

Administrative expenses were lower than budgeted at around CHF 15,000.

Membership movement

As of 1/1/2022, the Association has 14 members (previous year 14) with a total of 763 individual members, of which 176 are youth members, 582 are adults and 5 are honorary members.

Leaving: Dance More Club, Frauenfeld
Joining: Ballroom Dance Club Genève

Our honorary member Ruedi Baumann passed away on 9 August 2021. We will honour his memory and that of all members who passed away last year.

The adjusted membership has decreased by 55 individual members (6.7%) compared to the previous year's statistics.

Sports Organisation Department

After the world of ballroom dancing had once again come to a standstill in the first half of the year, the TGS opened the tournament season with the 10-Dance Swiss Championships and the Zurich Cantonal Championships on 11.7.2021. A total of seven tournaments were held in 2021, including the Swiss Championships for all senior categories Latin and Standard by the TSBE on 11.9.2021, as well as the Standard Swiss Championships on 2.10.2021 and the Latin Swiss Championships by the TTZ on 27.11.2021.

For all tournaments, the Swiss version of the tournament software "TopTurnier" was used, which was adapted by the manufacturer in cooperation with the STSV to the requirements of the tournament regulations 2021.

On 18.7. and 14.8.2021 I had the opportunity to introduce the squad couples of all age categories to the secrets of the skating rules, which are used to calculate the tournament results in the whole dance world.
The so-called tournament box was used for the first time on 13.11.2021 at the Thurgau Championships in Frauenfeld. A tournament management team from Zurich and Bern assisted the organisers in the preparation and implementation and brought the necessary tournament equipment.
On 23.10.2021, the first day of the tournament leader and tournament administrator training took place with 11 participants. The second day had to be postponed to spring 2022. When the tournaments were held at the end of the year, weaknesses in the implementation of the tournament regulations were identified due to the dwindling number of tournament pairs. This necessitated further adjustments to the regulations and the TopTournament before the training could be continued.
A big thank you to Walter for his tireless support in the various tasks of my department as well as to Iris Buser from the TTZ for her support in testing and introducing the CH version of TopTurnier as well as in the implementation at the tournaments.

Brigitte Stäldi

In the second pandemic year, 2021, licences have decreased by 34, or just under 13 %.

Training Department

Due to the Corona measures, we only held one further training course in 2021, namely Part 1 for tournament leaders and scrutineers. This was entirely planned and carried out by Brigitte Stäldi, with my support as far as possible.
Furthermore, the preparation and scheduling of the adjudicator training 2022 started, which will be held on 5/6 March in Zurich with the lecturer Petra Matschullat. Petra is currently the adjudicator examination expert of the WDSF in Germany.

Furthermore, it is planned to offer training and further education in various topics at regular intervals in order to have high quality officials in the tournament process. Other training opportunities that will benefit dance sport in Switzerland are also being planned.

Gunar Haas

Junior and Elite Squad Department

Last year we were able to organise the first squad activities. On 18 July and 15 August, about half of our cadre pairs took a fitness test with Rafael Grüninger. On the same day, the board organised various learning posts - some of these posts were filled by board members, but there were also three external experts.

These items gave the athletes an insight into the content of our future chalking programme. In various personal conversations we were able to get to know our couples a little better - and probably also vice versa!

In the second half of the year, the focus was on the annual PISTE for Swiss Olympic. As this process had to be renewed anyway (Swiss Olympic has revised all the documents), I was able to include the area of fitness in the evaluation. Furthermore, I have decided to carry out the tried and tested auditions by video. This way there is no need to look for a suitable date - the couples can create the videos themselves and submit them online. This form also has advantages for the evaluation, because the videos can be watched so often until one is sure of the evaluation. In addition, the videos are still available next year for comparison purposes.

In the course of the PISTE evaluation, we were also able to evaluate some new couples who applied for the junior squad. The applications were of good quality, which we also owe to the support of the coaches concerned. So it is not surprising that Swiss Olympic approved the 22 talent cards applied for. Since Mikhail and Eva Pikulin have since decided to form a dance couple as siblings, there are now still 20 active male and female athletes in the junior squad.

There have been few changes in the elite squad compared to last year. Luana Valentino is currently looking for a partner, as the couple has unfortunately separated. On the other hand, it is good to see that Pitt and Tjara are actively involved again after a long period of bad luck with injuries - which was directly rewarded with the Swiss championship title in Latin. Our elite dancers have also been able to represent Switzerland at various events. (Addendum: Unfortunately Pitt is injured again)

Since September, Gunar has been supporting me in the administrative area, he takes care of the registrations, which have to go through the association.
And speaking of support... in my department, a lot of strategically important work is currently on hold. As a board member, however, that would be my main task. I urgently need people to support me in the organisational area of the day-to-day business around the squads. We all want to move our federation and our athletes forward. In order for this to succeed, my department needs employees! Please contact me if you or someone close to you is interested.

I would like to thank the STSV board, coaches, couples and parents for their support.

Oliver Baumann

Department Communication

In January 2021, the STSV launched its own media team, which today already brings together six volunteer "specialists". With a more active, comprehensive and content-weighted communication on all our channels - website, social media and newsletter - we were able to contribute to the identity of our federation and of Swiss dance sport. 2021 was just the start; we still have many ideas that we would like to implement in 2022 and the years to come.

In 2021, the focus was on the further development of our association website, which recently underwent a face-lift after content improvements and focal points around the Swiss Championships. The freshly spruced up website lives in particular from the great pictures of our renowned photographer Reini Egli. Claude Pribitzer and Vera Bruderer were responsible for modernising our most important information tool and keeping it regularly updated. Philipp Hofstetter, an active Latin dancer, created the STSV Instagram channel, which he will continue to enliven with the community. Svjatoslav Skabarin, our youngest team player, will soon enliven the website with designed videos.

At two of the four Swiss Championships - Latin and Standard in Wallisellen - we benefited from the audiovisual production of the TTZ under the direction of Oli Baumann and were able to take these pictures for the STSV website. The SM Standard was commented live and also broadcast on the online platform

After last year's Assembly of Delegates, the media team sent out the first newsletter, which reached over 600 people each time. In 2021, a total of six newsletters have been produced, where the latest news is bundled in a short form and linked to the detailed reports on the website.
The STSV Dance Night is also a communicative activity in the broader sense. Together with exponents of the Swiss national squad, I was able to prepare this social event for last summer. The idea is to bring the Swiss dance sport family - dancers, officials, parents, friends, sponsors - together in a convivial evening, to get to know each other better and to get closer in a relaxed atmosphere. Unfortunately, the pandemic threw a spanner in the works. The summer event was simply impossible, and there was still a great deal of reluctance to reschedule the event in September; too few tickets were sold. The premiere will now take place on 17 September 2022 at the Haus des Sports in Ittigen near Bern.

I am convinced that we are on the right track with these first measures. In 2022, these first steps will be consolidated and further developed. At this point, I would like to thank all the people who contributed to a better public perception of Swiss dance sport in 2021.

Martin Zinser


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