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The ethics statute of Swiss sport

The Code of Ethics of Swiss Olympic and the Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO) sets out the fundamental values for healthy, respectful, fair and sustainably successful sport. It forms the basis of the system for reporting, investigating and sanctioning offences against certain rules of conduct and for identifying irregularities in Swiss competitive, grassroots and youth sport.
It applies to all Swiss sports associations, their clubs, athletes, coaches, officials and other stakeholders in the environment of a sports organisation. The current Code of Ethics came into force on 26 November 2022

Ethics Charter

The Olympic values - high performance, friendship and respect - form the basis for fair and sustainable sport worldwide.
The Ethics Charter of Swiss Olympic and the Federal Office of Sport (FOSPO) builds on these values. It is an obligatory part of the statutes of every member association of Swiss Olympic.

As a member association of Swiss Olympic, it is important for the Swiss Dance Sport Federation (STSV) to support the values of the Ethics Charter and also to transport them to the member clubs.

The Ethical Charter for Swiss Sport consists of nine principles that are a commitment for all - for healthy, respectful and fair sport.

1. equal treatment for all.
Nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, social origin, religious and political orientation do not lead to discrimination.

2. sport and social environment in harmony.
The demands of training and competition are compatible with education, work and family.

3. strengthening self-responsibility and co-responsibility.
Athletes are involved in decisions that affect them.

4. respectful promotion instead of excessive demands.
The measures taken to achieve the sporting objectives do not violate the physical or psychological integrity of the athletes.

5. education for fairness and environmental responsibility.
The behaviour towards each other and towards nature is characterised by respect.

6. against violence, exploitation and sexual assault.
Physical and psychological violence as well as any form of exploitation will not be tolerated. Raise awareness, be vigilant and intervene consistently.

7. rejection of doping and drugs.
Provide sustained education and intervene immediately in the event of consumption, administration or distribution.

8. abstain from tobacco and alcohol during sport.
Identify risks and effects of consumption at an early stage.

9. against any form of corruption.
Promote and demand transparency in decisions and processes. Regulate and consistently disclose the handling of conflicts of interest, gifts, finances and betting.

Code of Conduct of the STSV
The values and principles defined in this Code of Conduct determine the behaviour and dealings within the STSV and towards outsiders.

National focal point and reporting point

"Swiss Sport Integrity

The Sports Parliament unanimously adopted the Ethics Statute on 26 November 2021. Swiss Sport Integrity, the independent reporting and investigative body for ethical incidents in Swiss sport, officially began operations on 3 January 2022. The Swiss sports federations have given a clear signal that they place the well-being and protection of athletes and all persons involved in sport at the centre! The Swiss Sport Integrity Reporting and Investigation Centre handles reports independently, confidentially and, if desired, anonymously.

Swiss Sport Integrity can be contacted at and by telephone on 031 550 21 31. The scope of the Ethics Statute includes all members of Swiss Olympic - the national sports federations and partner organisations - as well as their direct and indirect members and other natural persons in Swiss sport organised under private law.


All relevant questions
on the topic of ethics in sport and doping
are answered under the following link

Reporting portal

Something observed?
Affected yourself?
Address it!

Ethics podcasts from Swiss Olympic

In various podcast episodes, Swiss Olympic and experts shed light on the four core ethical topics of pressure to perform, closeness, ideals and power. In the first episode, the ethics compass with its four colours green, grey, orange and is explained. Subsequent episodes will use specific examples to address the four core topics.
The podcast episodes released so far and their topics:

1 - What is OK and when? The Ethics Compass as a guide and the functions of the SSI Reporting Centre
2 - "No pain no gain" is passé - ideals in sport
3 - When is close too close? Emotional and physical closeness in sport
4 - On power, self-determination and why ethics don't fall from the sky
5 - Curling world champion Alina Pätz on (un)healthy pressure to perform and its blurred boundaries
6 - What is OK and when? The Ethics Compass as a guide and the functions of the SSI Reporting Centre (French)
7 - On the pressure to perform and ideals, individual perceptions and comparison with oneself (French)
8 - The balancing act of proximity and power in sport, why we need to talk more about it (French)


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