Corrodi/Kucharczyk lead WDSF ranking

Davide Corrodi/Maja Kucharczyk provided another explosion at their last international start of the year; at the WDSF Open in Zagreb, they achieved a place of honour in the ten dance for the second time within a few weeks and thus lifted themselves to the top of the WDSF ranking for the first time. Congratulations! At the beginning of December in Rimini they were still behind the [...]

STSV Standard Couples Climb the World Ranking List

Two top Swiss couples in the Standard Main Category are steadily climbing up the WDSF World Ranking List: Davide Corrodi/Maya Kucharczyk from the TSCZ are now within touching distance of the Top 50 thanks to numerous foreign starts and good placings. If they break through this "sound barrier", they will have the advantage at major tournaments that they will only have to dance from the second round onwards, which means that better [...]